Because I noticed the list titles are now the link instead of the ugly link. What? When did that happen? Hashtagunderrockliving I would put a # but I'm living under a rock. @marginally_amazing have at it. Because it feels like a listroduction is in order. Haha @ladyprofessor i did it. I did it. I used that word listroduction® , friendship ruined!
  1. @dudleyjoshua said this is when I started to get going. He and @lexie_elyse are my favorite list stalkers. ❤️you guys👀
  2. List people were ranking McDonald's menu items and I had to drop a truth bomb. Don't worry, come January you will feel this again.
  3. Like the McDonalds list, the truthiness is undeniable.
  4. Ruined only by his triumphant return or did I bring him back?
  5. This didn't get enough love but it is spectacular. (not humblebrag)
  6. Still working on bringing kexy back- read the list.
  7. Because the kitties. Also you guys. This Is. Gold. Gold!
  8. ———Silent Interlude———
    ———————————————————hey Carrie this was the part that was preventing my publishing. I forgot you couldn't have an empty list item. Rookie mistake.
  9. Cd bonus Track for @JessicaBalboni
  10. PS I think I've tagged enough people in this list but hey @Lisa_Fav I'm 41.
    It's a prime number and I'm in my prime.