Requested by Liz

An Ode to Capitol Hill Books

Terrific title @LizDawson this bookstore is a great place to visit when you don't know what book you want but you know you want to hang out surrounded by books.
  1. Can I say that they always have the best recommendations?
    This picture was taken last fall.
  2. Not to mention the most delightful suggestions as to how to treat their books
    Passive Aggressive Notes
  3. Not even artists are immune.
  4. They have a troll.
    The troll has a list of things you'll be cursed with if you steal from him.
  5. Their old school telephone will ring and if you are like me it will make you smile.
    I pretty sure theirs is touch tone though *green phone web search
  6. The cookbook room is my favorite room.
    If there is a cookbook stuffed with newspaper clippings of other recipes I am buying it. *Get out of here I'm not going to show you my secret sanctuary.
  7. Their foreign language room.
  8. Their obituaries of authors will remind you just how little you have accomplished.
    Every corner of the place has clippings of newspapers and index card notes about sections and what not to do. This is all part of the charm. *web search photo
  9. You work out your core when you descend the stairs.
    My exercise for the day. *web search photo
  10. Today was pretty quiet but I always overhear the best conversations.
  11. They have a weird section
  12. Used books mean sometimes books have been written in.
    Catcher in the Rye from Aunt Gigi
  13. Their Religion Section Guidelines
    Atheism: I don't believe this shit.
  14. You always stumble across a book you already own and strangely you feel compelled to buy it again
  15. They keep their top shelf stuff on the top shelf only accessible by very unsound step ladder.
    Granta for @ladyprofessor
  16. Before I ever visited this place, my friend told me that she imagined I would be killed by books.
    I hope here is where the prophecy comes true. *web search photo