Inspired by @mnickwrites I saw the poll briefly earlier but decided to participate when I saw my newest follower did. I hope I did it right. @dad3
  1. Movie
    Leaning into the over and over stuff.
  2. Book
    Why not? Nothing else will change my life at this point. Or will it?
  3. Food
    Whatever Trader Joe's is sampling that day. Haha I win! All the basics none of the boredom.
  4. Album
    Now That's What I Call Music #21 - okay now this is weird I just randomly chose this title and put it in the search of list and this was the second image. @ladyprofessor check out #10. That's my song. I have no prior knowledge of this album and do not think it is the same cheesy collection of hits I was expecting but that is one strange coincidence. I couldn't commit to one genre, band or album. This one was hardest that's why I went random.
  5. TV Show
    Giphy downsized medium
    SNL. Another win. I can't be stopped. It's the same age as I am with a new episode every week(ish) Sept-May and would expose me to more music. Plus Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Martin Short, Christopher Walken and more Murray. Plus my favorite SNL cast member - Phil Hartman.
  6. Outfit
    Jeans, tennis shoes, white oxford shirt, Friars Club jacket.
  7. Car
    Nash Metropolitan
  8. Piece of Art
    Spectrum Colors Arranged by Chance II 1951 Ellsworth Kelly. Chance needs to remain in my life somewhere.