You know Post This is old school af. No Pics, gifs or numbers & can't even bother to rank them. (By the way list I broke up with you and I was doing just fine FINE- but now there's a void!)
  1. Twitter
    Hopping back on at the precise moment everyone is loving or hating their newest update- Very List!!
  2. Lyft
    May request a ride to just be driven around so I can tell a story about Taco Bell being out of Mexican Pizzas.
  3. Venmo
    Just to pay @element75 to tell me stories about being trapped in an elevator
  4. Secret Santa
    It's an app by @ChrisK you should get it.
  5. Tinder
    Filling voids since _____ (too lazy to have previously looked up when tinder was created for this bad empty vagina joke) #cantdraft
  6. Neko Atsume
    There was an update recently so I still have goals there.
  7. Instagram
    Stalking you. But not posting. On brand. @ Jaidub
  8. Peach
    Please – we can make it happen again (jaidub there too)
  9. Duolingo
    Learning French moving to France to live with @Lisa_Fav
  10. Google Maps
    When I get lost because I moved to Iowa to be with @ladyprofessor sorry @Lisa_Fav Francais n'est pas facile. Française? Je ne sais pas.
  11. Map My Run
    Who do I think I'm kidding? IMDb is more me.
  12. Jo-Ann Fabrics