Apps to get the full experience (illustrated by my new feelings of inferiority)

A list trying to help new users turns into pity party because no one new is following me. Load the not so current gifs!!!!!
  1. Twitter
    Grow your Twitter followers on and vice versa.
  2. Sketches or drawing app
    Some lists are improved by little drawings you can make right on your phone.
  3. Snapchat
    Popular for face swaps lists. Filters for profile pics. General off hooking up.
  4. Instagram
    Show us your beautiful life all you beautiful new users. (I won't judge.)
  5. Tinder
    Get any dating app, please don't try to make this a dating app, I will feel bad I can't get a date from
  6. Spotify
    Everyone likes music. Share with us.
  7. Gif maker
    Make your own gifs from video and pics to illustrate your list. We like gifs. Giphy gifs are easily searchable in lists you make. I found all these 30 Rock gifs there.
  8. Any app that can crop photos
    If you need to choose a pic from your phone please resize it so we can see all of you.
  9. Neko Atsume
    If you want to you can share your kitties with us
  10. Not peach, don't use peach
  11. Anyway, to my faithful followers all this talk of all *your* new followers has got me ⬇️
  12. But my current followers are enough for me
    I❤️you all.
  13. Join me on Talkshow - so we can talk before 2.0
    It's still iOS only.
  14. Amazingly my user name there is JessicaW
  15. Bye!