Things I did today because of you on ListApp
  1. Sang this song 3,764,892 times. Watched the video once. Once is enough. Thanks @shanaz
  2. Then I watched all the Cameo videos. I still blame you @shanaz
    Danced around. No, in my house not Starbucks.
  3. Gave up valuable security secrets.
    Nothing new. Just a list about all the streets I have lived on. No I'm not gonna link it here you lazy identity stealing thief.
  4. Looked through some old date books. Again @shanaz
  5. Look what I was doing 20 years ago tomorrow.
    Vermeer show. This was pretty cool.
  6. I texted with my friend @ladyprofessor about Seinfeld videos she had to watch.
    Did you watch them all Carrie?
  7. I won it all with this comment! I don't know what it all is but I'm pretty excited to find out. I'm sure @juliekeil will be contacting me soon.
  8. Googled fetid beyond all conception and read the Wikipedia article @gwcoffey you're weird and I love it.
  9. Also saved your taco recipe @gwcoffey but will wait til I get my appetite back.
    MY ULTIMATE TACO RECIPE because I saved that smoked pork one too.
  10. Made what you think is just a Taco Bell Mexican pizza list but it was a seminar about what to call a bean burrito and the only appropriate response to getting effed at the drive thru.
    Found out it really is a small world though in the comments. My mind is still blown @supercommonname
  11. I'm sure there's more but ...