@ladyprofessor and I have decided to split. We hope you give us space and room to be ourselves. It is nobody's fault. We have just come to the end of our ListApp love affair.
  1. It was great while it lasted
  2. Personally, I think the trouble started with the New York Times list about the conversations you should have before marriage.
    It's your fault New York Times with all your experts. 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married
  3. We decided it was time to just quit having fun and really decide where this was going.
  4. But sadly discovered the differences can be too much.
    No we aren't going to die together. That's more of a metaphor for going down in flames.
  5. From the New York Times list we learned that
  6. She likes to discuss things calmly
  7. I'm a screamer
  8. She's a saver
  9. I'm a spender
    Plus still a screamer
  10. She is not interested in taking on my debt
    What a b*+<h!
  11. I mean, if you can't meet someone in this day and age and expect them to pay off your credit card bills, then I don't know why we are all on this gd f*c%ing App?
    Seriously. Just lists? As if!
  12. She hates my parents
    They never did anything but love her.
  13. But here's where it got really scary for me?
  14. Something that the New York Times did not put in their list of things to talk about before marriage
    But I'm here to tell you it maybe the most important discussion you ever have.
  15. I asked her if she would prefer to buy all of our craft supplies at @joannfabrics or @HobbyLobby
  16. You guys.
  17. I'm too saddened by the answer
  18. I can never see her the same way again...
  19. I thought I knew her but when push came to shove
  20. She said, Hobby Lobby.
  21. Wtf @joannfabrics forever!!!
  22. ...........................
  23. So we learned that we just didn't, couldn't know each other well enough from just list comments and texting.
    Seriously she could be @ChrisK? Or worse, she could already be married with two kids. You just never know with social media.
  24. We agree that I get Seinfeld. We will share our love of books, separately of course. Thankfully we hadn't merged Neko Atsume kitties. Please be thoughtful in our time of trying to grow, as we move away from each other.
    I just ask that you don't tag us in the same bullet point or list comment anymore. It will just be too painful.
  25. We are adults. Committed to being separate. Consciously. Uncoupled.
  26. Here's to finding someone new...
  27. I'll still keep notifications on for you Carrie.
    Because I'm gonna stalk you and build a case against you. My lawyer says I have a chance. I have a computer and a phone. So I have a lawyer.