Thanks @ladyprofessor awesome idea! First of all, I don't know where to begin ranking a fictional movie so this is a challenge. I would like to see any of these now, based solely on their Seinfeld adjacency. I would gladly exchange the movie "Rumor Has It" for any of these being made. Also consider this your Christmas card @BWN_7
  1. Chunnel
    An explosion in the Chunnel. Who would star in this? Schwarzenegger or Stallone? Maybe Willis? Wait, wasn't this a movie?
  2. Prognosis Negative
    Just the way they are all so excited to see it. Saving movies to see with certain people is annoying though tbh.
  3. Checkmate
    A movie about chess, fascinating I'm sure.
  4. Cold Fusion
    Maybe not.
  5. Flaming Globes of Sigmund
  6. Chow fun
    Must miss!
  7. Blame It On The Rain
    Todd Gack would like it. Fun fact I saw Milli Vanilli in concert on the club MTV tour.
  8. Means to an End
    Don't get sold out. Get Fandango!
  9. Cupid's Rival
    Rifle? I prefer rival.
  10. Ponce De Leon
    When they were all dancing in the fountain. 👎
  11. The Other Side of Darkness
    She shot into that coma pretty quickly. Straight to video release means you're the premier.
  12. The Pain and the Yearning
    I'm not sure I need more of this in my life. But that Vincent did pick a good movie. Bravo Vincent, bravo.
  13. Brown Eyed Girl
    Clearly Van Morrison fans, I get strong My Girl vibes from the title.
  14. Blimp, The Hidenburg Story
    I have vague recollections of this movie because it is in the controversial episode. Whenever I am with my friend and he says "you wanna watch a Seinfeld?" I say The Puerto Rican Day? I don't have any Seinfeld discs. I am beholden to TBS.
  15. Firestorm
    I'm not gonna tell you about this movie. I know how you like to go in fresh.
  16. Sack lunch
    Elaine's desire to see this was because she wanted to know whether or not they were shrunk down or if it was a giant sack. Oh for a simpler time before you could just look up the spoilers on the Internet.
  17. Mountain High
    Susan Sarandon and Kevin Bacon. "You gotta get me over this mountain!!"💥💥 💥💥💥I imagine that more than a few spec scripts were written based on Kramer's trailer.
  18. Agent Zero
    This movie needs to be made.
  19. The Muted Heart
    Glenn Close and Sally Field. Yes please.
  20. Cry, Cry Again
    You see it and cry and see the dancing and cry again. Has a scene in Paris - must see!
  21. Death Blow
    “When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether.” I would love to see the bootleg, Jerry is a genius.
  22. Rochelle, Rochelle
    Not a movie. A film really.