More Neko Atsume madness
  1. I have been very patient
    No just kidding, I have been seething.
  2. I bought all the paraphernalia
    Look at that cute stack of pancakes butt
  3. I built a sugar shack
    To trap them. I didn't want to do it, I wanted the mod redo.
  4. Everyday I would wonder
    Why do you do forsake me Sapphire and Jeeves?
  5. I switched back to the Retro look
  6. And...
    Finally they arrived. On the tower of treats.
  7. I think it was the deluxe tuna.
  8. They already left
    Now I can relax.
  9. Still just frosty left
    Until full crazy cat lady status.
  10. Neko Atsume lovers unite!!!
    @serenity5x5 @ladyprofessor @lizabeth @brittscott @solena I feel like we need jackets. Like the pink ladies.