Gingham in the Archives

🏡The archives will be key to many forthcoming lists. @ladyprofessor this is for you. Because while going through a box of stuff these items made me think of you and your list which made me follow you...
  1. Me on Easter Sunday dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder
    I'm rocking a blue gingham dress with a white pinafore. Kicking my brother's butt in the hunt for Easter eggs. The Instagram filter my parents chose for this is hefe.
  2. Me at Christmas dressed as Holly Hobby
    Look at this Christmas booty. I wonder what was in the box. What's in the box?????
  3. Cabbage Patch stole my look
    I was a professional Cabbage Patch photographer. She rocked on the piano even though she had webbed fingers.
  4. Holly Hobby Birthday card from Grandparents
    Year unknown. Reason still in box of old family photos also unknown.
  5. Gingham Girls coloring book
  6. Selection of pages from coloring book
    Crayon skills
  7. Bossy list by me in coloring book
    The ListApp exclusive
  8. Page I'm totally gonna do with pens after Turkey dinner