🏡The archives will be key to many forthcoming lists. @ladyprofessor this is for you. Because while going through a box of stuff these items made me think of you and your list which made me follow you...
  1. Me on Easter Sunday dressed as Laura Ingalls Wilder
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    I'm rocking a blue gingham dress with a white pinafore. Kicking my brother's butt in the hunt for Easter eggs. The Instagram filter my parents chose for this is hefe.
  2. Me at Christmas dressed as Holly Hobby
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    Look at this Christmas booty. I wonder what was in the box. What's in the box?????
  3. Cabbage Patch stole my look
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    I was a professional Cabbage Patch photographer. She rocked on the piano even though she had webbed fingers.
  4. Holly Hobby Birthday card from Grandparents
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    Year unknown. Reason still in box of old family photos also unknown.
  5. Gingham Girls coloring book
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  6. Selection of pages from coloring book
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    Crayon skills
  7. Bossy list by me in coloring book
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    The ListApp exclusive
  8. Page I'm totally gonna do with pens after Turkey dinner
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