Great Things and People From My Hometown 🍅🍅sacramento California🍅🍅

Not comprehensive just what List Appers may care about.
  1. Greta Gerwig
    Frances Ha is my movie. Especially the Sacramento scenes
  2. CAKE
    My friends and I would go see them at the Cattle Club in 1992. Really what I am trying to say is that I was there and I heard of them first.
  3. Joan Didion
    This list is so much better than any intro I can give. INTRODUCTION TO JOAN DIDION
  4. Tower Records
    Miss you. I want to see this movie by Colin Hanks about the rise and fall of Tower Records. Colin is from Sacramento, you may have heard of his dad.
  5. Colin Hanks and his dad.
    Tom and I attended CSUS. I have the same fashion sense as these two.
  6. Jessica Chastain
    She went to my high school, don't know her. But now I'm compelled to say Jessica Chastain everybody. 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  7. * side note please no more talk about becoming a city Arden-Arcade.
    Arden-Arcade is basically the worst name of anything ever.