1. Wow that stopped super suddenly and does it feel like now I may suddenly plummet? Yeah why is that?
    I can't believe I have never been stuck in an elevator in my whole life
  2. So this is claustrophobia? Oh I get it. I totally get it!!
  3. Thank you front desk in sounding like you know exactly what to do.
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  4. Elevator next to me running
    Great !!!!!
  5. Why does the elevator next to me seem to move mine?
    That can't be right. Mine shouldn't just move like that right?
  6. Who comes to save me?
    Do I look okay? Will it be awhile?
  7. Am I on camera?
    No I think I am on the elevator that doesn't have a camera.
  8. Wow my nail polish really flakes off
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    When I peel at it.
  9. Fire department. Is here!
    How do I really look?
  10. Why can't I take video. This is super exciting (to me only)
    Not really but video is better than pics. Cause they are trying pry the door open. But can't. They can't.
  11. And I'm off and I feel like a fool.
    Do you tip in this sitch? What's the way to not feel like an idiot. Why do I feel unworthy of six people opening a door for me. Is that something I should see someone about?
  12. I literally jumped the little six inch difference to the hall
    I did a little flourish. Now I feel foolish.
  13. Good night.
    Oh I missed Bridesmaids on bravo. Thank god I didn't have to use the bathroom like they did. Bright side.
  14. Never taking elevator. Seven flights is totally good for my ass.
  15. Thanks list app.
    You kept me calm. Thanks for talking to me dad. You kept me calm. What's weird is I totally made a list but never hit another button on elevator. Would that have worked?
  16. Cue Wilson Philips on bridesmaids
    I know there's pain ... I ❤️Maya and Kristen in this movie HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!