I Found ❤️ on the List App and So Can You! ❤️

  1. First we met. (Met?)
    We bonded over our childhood. It was the 70s prairie look. I use Holly Hobby to flirt, it works.
  2. We flirted.
    Mixed it up in the comments section.
  3. Then we just started making out all the time.
    Did we gross you guys out?
  4. We became those people who just alert other people to lists.
    Gawd! I would totally hate those people if I wasn't one.
  5. Once John Mayer thought he was going to steal her.
    But I won. ❤️ He should've mentioned Holly Hobby.
  6. I requested a list from her but she held out for so long.
    The torture.
  7. Then she basically sent a Barbershop Quartet to my office.
  8. It was as if she peed all over me.
  9. But I loved it.
  10. Then she delivered the mixtape I requested.
  11. Things really took off when I asked her a question in the form of a request and she threw down the digits
    Because those list requests/direct messages are so awkward. I'm pretty sure the secret she is referring to is our love affair.
  12. But in my head I was like what I can never call text her - she's too cool.
    Just this morning I said to myself what could I possibly text her about.
  13. But tonight on list app she slyly hinted she was watching the best movie ever made about two people in love who have never met.
    Um! Hello that's us except no wait, we like each other and I am not out to destroy her bookstore. But you get the gist. Now that I think about it the best ever movie about two people who never met but are in love is Sidewalls - go watch it.
  14. So I texted her! What? That's crazy!
    I wonder now if she knew it was me?
  15. I threw out Moss
    She's mad for moss.
  16. Then I sent her dick pics
    No, it's just my toe.
  17. Then I was watching Conan and laughing at his shenanigans and forgot to say night night.
  18. I went back to working on her playlist
    The pressure.
  19. I hope she doesn't mind me pretty much proposing on the Jumbotron!??
  20. Her - now
  21. 😘😍❤️😍😘
    The first List App love affair? You tell me.
  22. Hi Carrie's husband. 👋👋
    Don't worry it's totally platonic. I have a date tonight. With a man.