Weber Award® Winner for Best App ever goes to The List App, that's right I just gave The List App the Jessica Weber seal of approval. 🏆🏆🏆 here's the highlight reel
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    It all started in October 2015
    I found out about The List App via another app, do I even use that other app anymore? No, all my time is on The List App
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    I wrote lists, I read lists. I wrote lists about lists I read.
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    It was fun. It's still fun. It will still be fun at 2000 lists.
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    I followed people, they followed me.
    Plus, I didn't follow people but I still get to read their lists. It's not creepy, it's nice.
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    I enjoyed the updates. I actually updated, that's how you can tell. I even updated my phone to get in on all the hot emoji action.
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    I have laughed. So. Hard.
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    I have become more aware of the daily struggles, triumphs, feelings, attitudes of so many people. I may never meet them but now I carry them in my heart.
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    I have interacted with many more people than I would have ever interacted with on Tinder.
    Tinder wasn't even considered for best app status for a Weber Award® because I don't have that app. Plus on Tinder I would be all about the guys. But on List App it is all about the women. @k8mcgarry @saytrumbo @victoriaedel @aprilkquioh @vmacies @alligeeshow @kcupcaker @LizDawson @Veronique @jennifergster @jessicaz @bookishclaire @Lisa_Fav @sarahgorman @loriatx @LeahG @bware427 @annalara @witchdoctorc
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    I haven't put anything in my pocket since I downloaded the List App.
    I have Pocket but... Why keep something in pocket when I keep The List App in my❤️
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    I have met one ListApper in real life and she didn't murder me.
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    I gave my address to multiple List App users and I believe that they have yet to steal my identity. They actually sent me things. How nice!!! 💌📬
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    I have given my phone number to list app users and if they asked I would drop everything and run to their side. If what they wanted was me to drop everything and run to their side or maybe just host list app games. Their choice.
    @nathanveshecco @kate81 @roche @HisDudeness
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    Of course, you don't need my phone number to contact me because I would probably respond to a list request faster. ☎️☎️
    I would also drop everything and run to your side, just ask.
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    I have bought a book or two because a ListApper suggested it or wrote it or simply listed about it.
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    I have seen a man who looked like Frank Sars and almost went up and told him he looked like Frank Sars. I can't even imagine a world where @franksars is not the biggest celebrity.
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    I learned about my other favorite app via this app. 😻 Neko Atsume collectors unite.
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    I have requested lists from people and they have responded with the most thoughtful lists full of information I could've never found anywhere else. Or if I did find it, it wouldn't feel as personal.
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    I have requested lists from celebrities and they have rightly ignored them.
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    I have had lists liked by celebrities and for three seconds, in my brain, I am AWESOME.
    I hope you read awesome in an annoying voice. Just the way I say awesome.
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    I have discovered that I am not the only fan of a tv show that hasn't made a show in nearly twenty years. Seinfeld forever!!
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    I'm leaving some out but if you follow me or I follow you, if you have commented on my list and liked it or I commented on your list and forgot to like it, I just want to say thanks. You, The List App people are the best. 😘
    @shanaz @TQ @gwcoffey @JessicaBalboni @jhope71 @srikala12001 @alanarogerrrrs @lesbian @element75 @Melodie @tombatten @chriscady @stevenchopyak seriously if you can read this list, you there with the iPhone I say thanks👋
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    I have felt proud to have a featured list and trending lists and basically just every ❤️and relist makes me 😀
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    I cannot adequately express how much I have enjoyed using this app, I am rooting for it to win the Webby Award but I hope you guys appreciate the Weber Award®.
    I hate to tag all the list app hq but I'm giving you a very important award. @Nicholas @dev @minhal @jeremysomething What's that other dudes name? J.B.? B.K.? Does he get about a million notifications a day? Everyone who works hard to make list app what it is 👍
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    Here's a little song that when I hear it now I think of the list app. Just listen to it as though he is singing about all your list app friends.
    I know, I know. It's super cheesy 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀
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    Oh no, now they are playing the music and I forgot to mention the most important person.
    I ❤️ you @ladyprofessor