I'm So Excited!!!

Because my secret Santa present is on its way !!!!!!!!
  1. This was me today when @ChrisK said it was on its way
  2. I did some high kicks
  3. Because it has felt like I have been waiting fifty years.
    It hasn't been fifty years but it feels like it was fifty years. Fifty years- did you get that 5 0! five zero. Hawaii five Ohmigod where is it? Fifty shades of great where is my present?
  4. You may think I'm joking but I actually did high kicks today.
    Ask anyone who knows me.
  5. I went from slightly invisible to down right annoying pretty fast. More so than this list illustrates.
    Thanks @ladyprofessor now I can make it through.
  6. Seriously @ChrisK I hope everyone has gotten their present.
    Because mine is gonna be a showstopper.
  7. I'm really not insane.
    Let me pull up my pants.