Requested by Li.z

I Swear I Have Never!!!! Neko Atsume Confessions

  1. @lizabeth sent me this link via list request. And I opened it although it could've been anything.
    But I trust list appers
  2. I swear to Neko Atsume Kitty Bob's Burgers Butts
    I call this pose Bob's Burgers Butts. I want to open a restaurant that makes Neko Atsume Burgers that look like this. I would spend hours crafting tofu cat butts to hang out of the burger.
  3. Anyway the link said:
    @solena @serenity5x5 @brittscott i am just tagging Neko lovers. I think?
  4. I have to say I have never thought of Neko Atsume during sex.
  5. But
  6. Only
  7. Because
  8. I
  9. Have
  10. Not
  11. Had
  12. *whispers
    The S-E-X
  13. Since
  14. Way
  15. Before
  16. I
  17. Got
  18. Neko Atsume.
  19. Which may explain why I got Neko Atsume
  20. Which explains all my Neko Atsume lists Seinfeld Neko Atsume
  21. Which definitely explains this list...
  22. Now I'm going to go find a guy to see if I think about Tubbs when I have sex.
    Which is weird because I was just wondering what sort of Neko Atsume challenge I should do, now that I have all the remodels and cats. thanks @lizabeth