I need to move - let me know if these apartments are available. My fav movie trope - manic pixie dream apartment.
  1. Bronte's (Greencard)
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    The definitive dream apartment. Plenty of blog posts back me up and it's the plot of the movie.
  2. Bronte's
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    Rooftop terrace. Yes please.
  3. More. Jeez just go watch the movie
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    I know people who watch the movie just for the apartment.
  4. Kathleen Kelly's (You've got Mail)
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    So perfectly bookish.
  5. Kathleen
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    Can I have your apartment?
  6. When you marry Joe Fox?
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  7. Thanks
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    I'm gonna read books on that window seat.
  8. Who is it?
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    Kick out that neighbor who lets in strangers.
  9. Honorable mention for the party apartment where Kathleen confronts Joe Fox
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    So many books.
  10. And also Birdie's apartment
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    She is fascinating and bought Intel at $6. That's a lot of plants my friend.
  11. Susan's Drum bag and locker at the Port Authority
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    Desperately Seeking Susan made me want to be a vagabond. No, I don't think she's a hooker, well maybe she is but... Look, I don't want to over analyze it, I just wish I had a bag full of my belongings and the balls to go out on the road.
  12. Also her alley couch.
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    I admire people who just get comfortable anywhere and she certainly did at Gary Glass's house too.
  13. Umm. No. Back at Kathleen's.
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  14. Andrew McCarthy's hipster vibes apartment in Mannequin
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    His actually is the most au courant. I caught this part on some movie channel the other day and was amazed. It made me write this list. I found no blog posts that mention this apartment but I basically feel every person who blogs about apartments now a days is trying to recreate his look. See also West Elm.
  15. That dark painted floor, piano,midcentury modern furniture.
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  16. More fun stuff
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    Please excuse quick TV pics. I was really surprised to not find entire blog post of movie apartment.
  17. Amy Adams apartment in American Hustle.
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    I'm in love with yellow. And 70s vibes. Just the kitchen though.
  18. Amelie's apartment (Amelie)
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    Je veux habiter votre appartement Amélie.
  19. Au lit
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  20. Dans la cuisine
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  21. Dans le salle de bain.
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  22. que papier peint❤️
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  23. Speaking of wallpaper have you seen Summer's apartment in (500) days of Summer?
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    Cue Temper Trap please.
  24. Plus also roof top!!
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    Apparently a high priority for me.