I Want to Live There- Movie Apartment Edition

I need to move - let me know if these apartments are available. My fav movie trope - manic pixie dream apartment.
  1. Bronte's (Greencard)
    The definitive dream apartment. Plenty of blog posts back me up and it's the plot of the movie.
  2. Bronte's
    Rooftop terrace. Yes please.
  3. More. Jeez just go watch the movie
    I know people who watch the movie just for the apartment.
  4. Kathleen Kelly's (You've got Mail)
    So perfectly bookish.
  5. Kathleen
    Can I have your apartment?
  6. When you marry Joe Fox?
  7. Thanks
    I'm gonna read books on that window seat.
  8. Who is it?
    Kick out that neighbor who lets in strangers.
  9. Honorable mention for the party apartment where Kathleen confronts Joe Fox
    So many books.
  10. And also Birdie's apartment
    She is fascinating and bought Intel at $6. That's a lot of plants my friend.
  11. Susan's Drum bag and locker at the Port Authority
    Desperately Seeking Susan made me want to be a vagabond. No, I don't think she's a hooker, well maybe she is but... Look, I don't want to over analyze it, I just wish I had a bag full of my belongings and the balls to go out on the road.
  12. Also her alley couch.
    I admire people who just get comfortable anywhere and she certainly did at Gary Glass's house too.
  13. Umm. No. Back at Kathleen's.
  14. Andrew McCarthy's hipster vibes apartment in Mannequin
    His actually is the most au courant. I caught this part on some movie channel the other day and was amazed. It made me write this list. I found no blog posts that mention this apartment but I basically feel every person who blogs about apartments now a days is trying to recreate his look. See also West Elm.
  15. That dark painted floor, piano,midcentury modern furniture.
  16. More fun stuff
    Please excuse quick TV pics. I was really surprised to not find entire blog post of movie apartment.
  17. Amy Adams apartment in American Hustle.
    I'm in love with yellow. And 70s vibes. Just the kitchen though.
  18. Amelie's apartment (Amelie)
    Je veux habiter votre appartement Amélie.
  19. Au lit
  20. Dans la cuisine
  21. Dans le salle de bain.
  22. que papier peint❤️
  23. Speaking of wallpaper have you seen Summer's apartment in (500) days of Summer?
    Cue Temper Trap please.
  24. Plus also roof top!!
    Apparently a high priority for me.