1. You know how you get to drafting an epic list about an epic struggle.
  2. And it's very late and you have to go out of the app and do some fact checking.
  3. And out of the list to do some list linking.
  4. And when it's all nice and done and you go to publish and it's GONE.
  5. GONE!!!
    But it's late so you question your saving? Did I save, of course I saved.
  6. It was about so many things- the update and life.
    You said hi to people @saytrumbo
  7. You can't spend hours recreating it. Why did you even spend time writing in the first place?
  8. Here's the gist
  9. Matter of opinion.
  10. Younger
  11. Older
  12. That's it. I can't go on. I'm very upset.
  13. It must have been all the linking. And @ names and at the end the emoji were acting funky. Just warning you all. Learn from my mistakes.