Inspired by @madcozad and you guys. Basically I am crushing hard on all you guys and just letting myself wallow in it.
  1. Basically my wiser twin.
  2. You guys can we watch West Wing together? I would quickly develop bad English accent in an attempt to be more like Claire.
  3. He would do all the logistics and Secret Santa planning of our group. Oh wait he already does. He would send us all important books and only ask for letters in return. I don't even follow him and yet he is always there - basically omnipotent.
  4. I want in on that peeps diorama thing you do. And scavenger hunts and pranks.
  5. She invites us all to Paris. We bring sparkling water.
  6. Elaine
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    She's a peach 🍑we would teach her about listapp and she would post important J Peterman updates.
  7. @Photokenesis
    Our photog. Only the best angles.
  8. She shouldn't be on the sidelines. I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR SECRET SANTA this upsets me.
  9. She takes us all to brunch. She inspires lists.
  10. Sofia Coppola
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    Never mind I'm keeping her to myself. Just me and her. I'll say Sofia wanted to come but she is really busy you guys.
  11. Because he is funny and he's tall. And Dutch! A trifecta.
  12. I want her to make me a pink squirrel. Extra nutty. Is that a thing? I think it should be a thing.
  13. That girl! I love her. She's the reason all my Christmas cards say Fuck New Year's Eve!! Want one email me your address and it will be there shortly.
  14. Moss
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    Every group needs IT. Plus he makes me laugh.
  15. My secret Santa recipient
    She's cool you guys.
  16. My secret Santa!!!
    So excited to find out.
  17. Let's all meet in Chicago and listen to Ladies and Gentlemen, You're Such a Wonderful Crowd ...
    Bring all your squad mates because I want to meet them too. Chris can you start planning this too. 💁🙏🍒🔝
  18. Ohmigosh I am basically list app crazy today basically everyone I follow on here is on my squad. My karass is here.
    It would be a pleasure to see your guy's squad lists. Go!