I need a third for these collections to feel complete. Once, twice, three times a lady.
  1. Random Girls doing headstands in random places
  2. Here's one
  3. Here's another
    Cherry blossoms in bloom. She seemed annoyed I was taking her picture but I love it and always want to do headstands. I don't know maybe it's the same girl.
  4. Books I have read with penis drawings.
  5. Office Girl
    In a perfect state of book coincidences I read these two at the same time. I was so surprised that they both contained penis drawings. If you know of another please recommend.
  6. G
  7. Me on pay phones
    I could easily complete this collection but it needs to feel like a real moment and I really want to get the third headstand picture first.
  8. Washington, DC
    Because it seems delightfully retro but really it's just dumb.
  9. Auburn, Ca