Inspired by but not in agreement with @TQ
  1. I disagree. I feel the ease of pressing the list title of the person's list that you read shows the reason why *you* wanted to make that list.
  2. I made the top five Spielberg because I saw @franksars list and my list inspiration shows that but does extra work need to be done? Do I have to search the entire app to see if anyone ever made this list before? Does HQ have to program this?
    Because I did the work. TOP 5 DIRECTED BY SPIELBERG @matias did last November. Should @combatdavey be called out as a plagiarist? NO! This guy Matias maybe wasn't even the first. Personally I've been ranking films since 1990.
  3. I find it more interesting that @bjnovak made a list because of a list he read of @shanaz then if it backtracked all the way back to anyone who happened to make this list in 2015. I find it hilarious that @Nicholas always is inspired by B.J. This is what I like about the app. I've written lists inspired by the overabundance of similar lists
    And have credited exactly no one. Because why? Who is the person who gets left off? Et al. Et al et al.
  4. Thank you for your time.
    That looks like Maya Rudolph but I don't really know the origin of this gif?
  5. What's worse is that your list seemed to be a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing except a way to take a shot a Chris K ?
    That's Shakespeare, P.S. He is v inspiring. Shakespeare I mean. Ok Chris K too, I guess.