High school. As I write this list I am instantly transported to my bedroom with its awesome sponge painted walls.
  1. Sassy Sire Sampler
    I have (had) two tapes Sassy gave away with their magazines. I have to go find them now.
  2. Vogue
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    September 1991 Linda in plaid. You were everything.
  3. Some heinous retainers and torture devices to straighten my teeth.
  4. Benetton Rugby
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    This was an essential.
  5. When Harry Met Sally
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    I rented this video from the video store at least once a month. I could have paid for it maybe 30 times. This movie makes me think of the soundtrack which leads to
  6. Harry Connick Jr
    🎤 I know you so well I can tell by the sound of your voice you're madly in love with me.
  7. Michael Jordan
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    Nerf basketball purchased at Target. Many a game played with dad while watching When Harry Met Sally