I'm going to make it a suggestion list because then you can suggest gifs.
  1. Is it just me or do some gifs get super blurry?
    Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere
  2. Which makes it difficult to read the subtitles if there are any.
  3. I was in my old list the other day and my first gif list of Cary Grant was blurry. Seriously the one gif where he looks at *me* used to give me the screaming thigh sweats. But the other day nothing. Nothing.
  4. How dare list app or giphy degrade the beautiful thing that is Cary Grant.
  5. Or do you not notice this?
    It's like half way through the gif just blurs. But it wasn't always like that. Right?
  6. My main question is...
  7. Is this a valid reason to buy an iPhone 6?
    Would a new phone recharge Cary's and my love affair?
  8. Opinions please....
    Suggest especially blurry gifs if you must. Or offer up monetary gifts for a new phone. Thanks.
  9. Giphy
    Btw, I made this list without any gifs and then look how many perfect ones I found.
  10. ➕⬇️➕⬇️➕⬇️➕⬇️
  11. I have an iPhone 6, and this has been happening to me.
    Suggested by @moonjockey