It's late and I don't know... I'm examining things
  1. I set my DVR for all those shows that I heard B.J. Novak was going to be on
    Colbert, Daily Show, Watch What Happens Live.
  2. When I watched them I honestly couldn't decide if I would join if I wasn't already on list.
    Is that strange? But when I first read about the app I jumped on it immediately. Of course not fully understanding how much personal stuff I would share or see.
  3. But it seems like the talk shows haven't been doing justice. Does it to you? It's not like the app is hard to explain.
    This isn't a slight against B.J. or the shows.
  4. But it's just not capturing the essence of what the experience has become for a lot of us users? (just me?)
    Is that experience just a novelty of the newness of a social media place that hadn't yet been tainted? Is that why so many users worry about people who know them in real life discovering their new safe zone?
  5. ——Maybe this list is a response to my jealousy and envy about all the meet- ups that have been taking place.
    Ooh I wish I had gone...
  6. ———Maybe it's because of all the new users that many people have gotten so many new followers and I feel like the interactions will now be less personal. And it scares me.
  7. Or maybe it's just that I take the relationships I have formed here a little too seriously and I'm some sort of naive jerk?
    I really don't know how to classify the people I follow and who follow me. Do they care about me or want followers? Are we friends? Should I just get life?
  8. Maybe it's a feeling that in spite of the overwhelmingly positive experiences I have through the app, I secretly fear that none of these people would even give me the time of day in the real world.
    Ooh. Breakthrough.
  9. I'm not trying for pity likes or fishing for compliments. This list has gotten away from my initial reason for making it which was to say that I think the users I associate most with on the app appreciate that it can currently allow them to display multiple facets of their lives.
    A lot of listers have pop culture lists and then get personal. Everyone is sharing many sides of themselves and I REALLY ENJOY the positivity of everyone here
  10. For instance, if you were to talk about all the different roles you played in a day it would definitely be a LIST, right?
    Employee, boss, friend, coworker, teammate, daughter, sister, cat lady, aunt .... On and on and on... Down to the smallest interaction with someone.
  11. And if you were to talk about all the things you like it would be a list again.
    And again I would know more about you having read that list.
  12. And the list app allows us to interact with strangers and share lists about ourselves and what we like and we find differences and similarities.
  13. It's pretty genius if you ask me.
    Not something usually talked about in a 5 minute talk show conversation I guess
  14. But the thing bringing me back is the feeling of community and personal sharing and not just shallow pop culture lists. And this community may have even taken the creators of by surprise.
  15. And you know who you can thank for that sense of community that has been created?
  16. YOU!
  17. 👏❤️❤️👏❤️❤️👏❤️❤️👏
    Like I said, it is late and I just like you guys, kay?
  18. I'm going to ask a favor now.
  19. Just
    Please create your own list with this title and tell me what list has meant to you since you joined it. I know a lot of you beta and gamma have made friends here and have met them in real life. I know some people are using it as a daily time waster and others are using to build some sort of career or reputation of some sort. Why is list the first thing you want to look at in the morning and the last thing you look at at night? Please tell me what it means to you throughout your day.
  20. So just keep listing and sharing and though there maybe changes in the size of the community, if you keep sharing with me I'll keep sharing with you.
  21. You never know, one day we may even meet in person.
  22. I can't wait.