Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was dating a man.
    This is the most unbelievable part of the story.
  2. He had a house.
    #1 place to find ghosts
  3. I would sleep in this house.
  4. Sometimes while sleeping I would feel a heavy weight upon me.
    An odd feeling that I didn't necessarily mind.
  5. One time I described this feeling to the man I was dating.
  6. He said it was THE GHOST.
    He told me that this ghost turns on tvs and radios. Slams doors. Opens doors. You know basic ghost stuff.
  7. And that all of his previous girlfriends felt this.
    Truly, can I tell all the men here on list app, this is music to a woman's ears. If you can at any time lump all your sexual partners together- do it!
  8. Then one night...
  9. I woke up ...
  10. and
  11. at
  12. the
  13. foot
  14. of
  15. the
  16. bed
  17. A man without a face.
  18. Without a face!!!
  19. Where his face should be?
  20. Nothing!
  21. Now this is where normally I would s#*+ my pants!
    Everyone who knows me knows I am the scardiest cat there ever was.
  22. But I did not s#*+ my pants
    And not just because I was naked.
  23. Because this spirit standing in front of me wasn't necessarily scary.
  24. But I did crawl under the sheet a bit.
    Because faceless ghost.
  25. The next morning over newspaper and coffee, I shared my story.
    Yes newspaper -another ghost 📰
  26. And I got to the part about the facelessness
    And my boyfriend said "he was faceless?"
  27. I tried to describe it further
    But really facelessness is the only adjective.
  28. Then he told me
    Something he never told me before
  29. The previous owner of the house
  30. shot himself in the face.
  31. And that is my ghost story.
    And also my sexual fantasy - a faceless man rips off my clothes.