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  1. On my days off I get up make coffee, drink it and then go get coffee.
    This is insane.
  2. I change the channel if someone embarrasses themselves on Wheel of Fortune
    It is too much the emotional embarrassment I feel for these people
  3. But if someone talks weird on Jeopardy! I check to see if Twitter is annoyed also
    See also Laura on right nowwwwww.
  4. My signature drink is a pink squirrel
    I have never had one
  5. I wanted to be a Solid Gold dancer
    When I was a kid this show and Fame and Dance Fever were my top three.
  6. I like tomatoes and that is why I don't eat them a lot.
    If a sandwich comes with tomatoes I almost always eat half and then before I eat the second half I remove the tomato. People will ask you don't like tomatoes? And I say no I do. But that isn't a tomato. At anyplace where they make the sandwich in front of you I leave out tomatoes. Look at them sad and cold sitting there in a refrigeration unit why why why.
  7. I always have conditioner in my ear
    Left ear. Four hours after shower what do I find? Conditioner. I always fail to get it even when I specifically dry off head and think get that conditioner out. Maybe conditioner comes from my ears.
  8. I have had gum spit into my ear.
  9. I always only say Leonard Bernstein when "End of the world" plays
  10. I don't remember ever eating pecan pie.
    I probably have but avoid it now and say I haven't eaten it. I like to say waiter there is too much pepper in my paprikosh but I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie. Peecan Pieee
  11. Iced latte.
  12. I order CocaCola
    The Pepsi question gets Dr Pepper.
  13. I have started a cookbook collection.
    I don't really cook. I especially like cheesy 90s ones for their 90s cheesiness.
  14. Yesterday was my 15,000 day on earth!
  15. Please list some of your trivial traits and tag me @jaidub