It's a new Nintendo app. Do you have it?
  1. You make a mii
    And you control its voice.
  2. You shop for clothes.
    I stuck with the basic grey sweat look though.
  3. You answer questions.
    I was asked what I have been really into lately.
  4. This is what my answer looked like
  5. I was asked what my favorite food is
  6. Static
  7. I can't figure out how to add friends except with Facebook and Twitter. Oh and being in the same room. I want to add someone in the same room.
    Apparently you just put your phones close together.
  8. I made a friend mii for @ladyprofessor I don't know if she will get the code I sent via text.
    She maybe too cool for it though.
  9. It's silly, if you figure out how to use it more let me know.
  10. It can be the new peach. 🍑🍑🍑
  11. App Store miitomo