Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?
  1. Everyday use
  2. Fancy
  3. Guest
  4. Fancy guest
  5. "Uh...eleven!"
    "Eleven. Unbelievable. Eleven is correct."
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  6. Emergency super fancy guest
    For use when guest and fancy guest towels are dirty and a last minute dinner is planned for very important people (e.g., Richard's adult children).
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  7. There's probably one just for when Joey eats sandwiches.
  8. Add to this list we need more.
  9. One set for the queen.
    To go with the dishes that she saves for the China dishes that only the queen can use.
    Suggested by @racytracee
  10. Beach?
  11. One set for "crummies."
    "Oh no I was so careful!" -Chandler
    Suggested by @racytracee
  12. Is anyone thinking "getting busy" towel?
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    Ross says "ew gross no!" @ladyprofessor
  13. One just for her mother obviously
    As fluffy as can be. But Mrs Geller will find it to dry and scratchy anyway
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav