Inspired by @kate81 to @amieshmamie QUESTIONS FOR INTROVERTS FROM A RAGING EXTROVERT is anyone else seeing this⬆️
  1. First I admire raging extroverts I just don't understand how you do it.
    Like how?
  2. I found this little Internet article that perfectly describes introverts.
    Or at least makes me feel less bad about myself as an introvert.
  3. I have diagnosed (is that the right word?) my mother as a Raging Extrovert and my father as a Hardcore Introvert
    Some how they are still married after 47 years.
  4. I am more like my father but I can party. Once you start me up.
    I'm never the one to make all the plans and get the group together for parties but I love when someone in my life is. I'll play along and party with you and may even be the last one to leave or maybe it will be an Irish goodbye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but I have anxiety about hosting parties.
  5. I'm not SHY. There is a difference. I'm totally capable of social interaction I'm just not totally driven by the need to be social.
    I really like to go out in public alone though, I like to people watch and I need human interaction. I'm not a hermit.
  6. Now to Amie's questions
    Illustrated with Muppet gifs.
  7. Do you hate your birthday because of all the attention?
    No, I think introverts still like attention. I hate my birthday because it's around Halloween and so therefore it's not about ME enough.
  8. Do you think I'm a diva because I LOVE my birthday?
    I think everyone should be showered with attention on their birthday. I would just have anxiety that my party for you isn't good enough if you actually act like a Diva.
  9. Do I talk too loudly? Too much? Too closely? Too excitedly? Too candidly?
    If you talk to loudly? Is that an extrovert thing? Oh yeah it is. My mom talks so loud I always tell her to talk quietly. Maybe I don't like the loud talking but if I like you I like you.
  10. Do you take a lot of baths?
    Ewwww. Will you clean the tub out for me first? and don't make it to hot because one time I got out of a really hot bath and passed out. I had tile imprints from my bathroom floor on my butt for weeks. I don't take a lot of baths but I will read in bed to chill out.
  11. How many cats do you have?
    all my Neko Atsume kitties and my real pookie. Cats are kind to introverts. Mine knows when I need extra caring. I swear. But I know some extroverts with cats
  12. Did you read Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking?
    No. But now I will look it up on the Internet.
  13. Do you think your job and/or school lends itself to the success of extroverts over introverts?
    Me at work sometimes⬆️. I think my job is more suited for extroverts, but I also like it because it makes me be more extroverted. I loved school until college where maybe my introversion was the death of me.
  14. What about the world in general?
    Giphy downsized medium
    The world needs both. About the list app world I feel like this app is useful to introverts to process many different people through their lists which would be more difficult in real life.
  15. How long is the perfect amount of time to stay at a party?
    Depends on the party? Sometimes I'm very in the mood to party all night.
  16. Other times
  17. Will you be my friend?
    I thought we were friends?
  18. Is it weird I needed Muppets to talk for me?
    I swear I'm normal