Movies I Love Based On Books I've Never Read

Inspired by @PJKelly Alternative Title: When You Can't Read All the Books (and they beat you to the source material but do it so well you're like fuck reading that book) Which is also the title of my memoir. Just the name of movie plus what it has that the book couldn't possibly have.
  1. Adaptation
    Why be faithful to the book when you can get meta on the movie.
  2. American Splendor
    Again with the meta
  3. Tristram Shandy A Cock and Bull Story
    I have a sexual thing for Gillian Anderson. That's a line in the movie. I never read the book. But I do enjoy a good movie about making a movie from a book.
  4. Election
    Alexander Payne
  5. Sideways
    Alexander Payne
  6. The Descendants
    George running
  7. Forrest Gump
    Tom running
  8. Austenland
    This scene
  9. Out of Africa
    Robert Redford Meryl Streep
  10. The Ice Storm
  11. Beaches
    I wouldn't read a book like this but sure I'll see that movie.
  12. Being There
    This scene is phenomenal, the opening scene when he leaves the house and is out in the world for the first time. The music, the shots. So good. I didn't know it was a book until just now. I only saw the movie last year, my mind was blown.
  13. Big Fish
    I can't even imagine such a pretty movie as a book.
  14. The Bourne Identity
    All that action. In a book?
  15. Bridget Jones' Diary
    Ummm Hugh and Colin fighting?
  16. Capote
    Transformation of actor into role.
  17. About a Boy
    Hugh Grant
  18. Fever Pitch
    This movie always makes me so happy. Spoiler alert the Sox win the World Series, maybe because this movie was made?
  19. High Fidelity
    Nick Hornby is really a screenwriter, ok?
  20. Fried Green Tomatoes
    All the great actresses
  21. How to Make an American Quilt
    Winona and ensemble cast.
  22. The Graduate
  23. Jackie Brown
    Tarantino. Soundtrack
  24. The Commitments
  25. Fight Club
    Brad Pitt
  26. October Sky
    Jake G.
  27. Orlando
  28. The Perfect Storm
  29. The Talented Mr. Ripley
    Pretty People
  30. Rounders
    If this movie is on tv I end up watching the whole thing. I think it's Edward Norton.
  31. Sense & Sensibilty
    Emma Thompson Hugh Grant
  32. An Education
    Art Direction
  33. Stardust
    Art Direction
  34. The Shawshank Redemption
    Morgan Freeman narration
  35. What's the Worse that Could Happen?
    This guy. We showed up at the wrong theater and this movie was starting so we saw it "what's the worse that could happen?" we said. But this character was worth it.