Tell me about your cats.
  1. Sam Elliot
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    They are both from Sacramento. It is like they are twins.
  2. She smokes
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    Not really. Just a sticker. She loves stickers.
  3. Meow, @jaidub
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    Suggested by @JessicaBalboni
  4. This list has taken a turn. @JessicaBalboni
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  5. My cats are my roommates & kids
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    Piglet is the tortie. She's 13, but still vibrant, even if she prefers staying inside avoiding most people. Max is the blue/gray beauty. He's 2 and a total snuggle bunny. He covers his food to save it, and loves being outside. Romeo is the tuxedo. He's young, and just showed up a few months ago and refused to leave. He likes knocking things off the counter, investigating bathrooms, and tormenting the dogs upstairs.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  6. All the cats in the pictures my kid draws
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    Most of the people she draws are actually cats, too. I think she likes the idea of cats more than cats themselves, which is good because my husband is allergic and we'll never have one.
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor