Requested by Carrie

My Free Book Haul

I should've known. Everytime @ladyprofessor and I text we end up giving each other a list request. I mentioned that I picked up some books in the free book room of my building and she requested this list. Alexandria was once listed as #1 city of readers so that means excellent books in our free book room. Here's what I could carry this time:
  1. Deborah Garrison
  2. Thrity Umrigar
  3. George Eliot
    The Mill on the Floss---- maybe the only book by Eliot I can finish. We shall see.
  4. Alan W. Watts
  5. Sam Wasson
  6. Kate Raccula
  7. Joan Didion
  8. Neal I. Rosenthal
    Reflections of a Wine Merchant--- Honestly I picked this up just for the title there is no jacket for me to read a blurb. But I love to read about anyone's line of work. Shop talk is pretty much my favorite genre.
  9. Nicole Krauss
    ****if anyone wants this book I will send it to you. I already have it but picked it up thinking I would send it to a friend. First come first serve. I especially liked this book and I know @ladyprofessor did too so that's our ringing endorsement. Just list request me your address.