My Long Distance Date with Carrie: The Lobster

With bonus IT Crowd gifs and pics
  1. So Carrie @ladyprofessor and I were texting yesterday and decided to go on a date last night to see The Lobster.
  2. Both Carrie and I wanted to see this movie and it was being shown in our theaters thousands miles apart at the exact same time. Wow!
  3. This movie was not what I expected. At first it had me laughing with its absurdity. But it drew more dark and the absurdity became overshadowed by violence.
  4. It's about a man who is taken from the city because his wife has left him for another man. He is taken to a hotel to meet a new mate and if he doesn't he will be turned into an animal of his choosing, a lobster.
  5. As a public service announcement I am going to mention that if you are prone to migraines when you don't drink enough coffee that day but go out and party for Flag Day and have too many margaritas, you may not want to see this movie while you are quickly approaching migraine/ hangover as it has far too much challenging string instrument music.
  6. The effects of this movie include questioning your whole belief system. Questions I found myself asking:
  7. What is the purpose of finding a mate? Desperation? Am I truly just a loner at heart? (No, nobody is.) We all have a strong desire to pair up, right? Why is society making people pair up in an unnatural way? Where the hell is this hotel and how can I go there without the stress of having to find a mate and just hang out in the woods and pool?
  8. I'll be secretly practicing this language and use it out in public.
  9. I probably will be given the secret code to leave.
    Inside joke to Carrie. 🎾it's a kiwi
  10. I would highly recommend seeing this movie if you like movies that make you think. Ask yourself Am I merely one of the characters in the hotel who have taken in society's propaganda my whole life? Be prepared though this movie had far more gore than I was up for. I just want to warn you about that. here is the review on Roger Ebert dot com because I'm not a very good movie reviewer but otherwise my thumb is up 👍
  11. I'm interested in Carrie's take as a married woman with children. Did she laugh as hard at the joke about what couples receive to cure fighting and relationship problems? I am interested in seeing her list on this movie mostly because she is much smarter than I am. I'm glad I got to see it with her because I might've felt sad about it otherwise.
  12. Carrie what should our next movie be? Was Swiss Army Man trailer in your previews, what's that all about? It looks AWESOME!!!
  13. And Publish!
    Also @ListMeetUps do we get reimbursed for our tickets or something?