I'm gonna win this March Madness with my own brand of madness. TROUBLEMAKER!!!!!!
  1. It's a funny Monday let me explain.
  2. John Denver may not have been in Nirvana but I did at least reference Mr. Cobain's Montage of Heck. Ways My Sense of Style Can Be Described.
  3. The JoAnn @joannfabrics cookies list cracks me up ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Who is behind this anus cookie cutter list? I mean genius cookie cutter list? Going to Williams-Sonoma tomorrow to buy 10 dollar star cookie cutters. Brown starfish cookies recipe to follow... YOU WANT SOME FUCKING COOKIE CUTTERS? YOU CAN'T EVEN HANDLE OUR COOKIE CUTTERS
  4. Theme songs makes me feel like a kid again. A kid. When nobody except me was named Jessica.
  5. I'm trying to tell @Bv1 about my problem with selecting pics in the search function but you guys keep disturbing me so I have to hide in my drafts where I can have some freaking peace and quiet.
    It works now but with certain list and searches it doesn't allow selection of pictures at all? Weird. Anyone experience this? iOS 9. 2.1 iPhone 5s but you can say it's just me being weird. It's specific to Neko Atsume if you must know. MY FAVORITE NEKO ATSUME KITTIES. Did she search because I can't select. @ashlynparish ???? Did you search those?
  6. I blame @roche and Mandy Moore
    You two kept me up late last night and I had to work early. So basically now I am sleep deprived goofy AF Γ. You guys get no link for this one. Mandy Moore and I were texting all night. She's gonna come mow my lawn on Saturday.
  7. @supercommonname the best I could do is add a Greek keyboard. Do you need a tutorial?
    Γ @k8mcgarry what's the official gamma solution?
  8. I just found Everything is Copy on HBO-- Nora Ephron. Did I communicate with her via Craigslist? Idk, I think so.
    Gotta watch
  9. @ChrisK come ask what this madness is.
    Just a seance really for @ChrisK
  10. Madness!!!!!!!🏀🏀🏀🏀I got it every month of the year
  11. No apologies to @aus10