What? You don't know your MPP? You better take a Muppet Personality Profile Test, aka the MPPT, Stat! (Which is not short for Statler.)
  1. 57% Fozzie Bear
    Wocka wocka wocka I think I'm funny but I am often pelted with tomatoes
  2. 13% Gonzo
    A high Fozzie percentage and an especially high Gonzo score is rare for most people. Luckily, I don't consider myself most people.
  3. 12% Scooter
    I believe the photo portion of the test gave me this score.
  4. 10% Statler
    My entire personality maybe based off these two old men who love to hate things.
  5. 2% Waldorf
    "Your Statler to Waldorf ratio is out of whack" that's a direct quote from the Muppet Personality Profile. They have contacted me so that they may study how this occurred.
  6. 3% Kermit
    Mostly for the addiction to pork and the dancing portion of the test.
  7. 2% Mahna-Mahna
    So simple, so good.
  8. 1% Miss Piggy
    She's all about "moi" I honestly should be more like her.
  9. I made up the Muppet Personality Profile®
    Just watch some YouTube videos and tell me about your favorite muppets. You can branch out and include the whole Jim Henson catalog
  10. 🕸🕸🕸this whole draft cleaning thing is working I'm down to 186📁📂📁📂📁