Requested by Carrie

My Neko Atsume Cats

Not comprehensive, mostly those renamed by my friend's daughter while we brunched. Long press this list title and make your own list so I can see your kitties.
  1. That is Cool Cat's butt.
    I love the butts they make me giggle. Cool Cat. What a cool name for a cat.
  2. Cooties
    The X. Haha
  3. This is Icing.
    I think she renamed this one, I am not sure though.
  4. I believe all these were renamed.
    I like fuzz pops
  5. Speckles
    Cute. Not sure but I think it's a rename.
  6. Patches? Party! bob!
  7. Princess?
    Feels like a rename. Could be original.
  8. Burns is named after the cat that adopted their family. A burnt calico looking cat.
    They swear it's for Burnt Popcorn and not Bernie Sanders. But they are big fans of Bernie. Originally I renamed this cat Lizabeth for @lizabeth, the reason I got Neko Atsume.
  9. Not renamed because she appeared after my trip.
  10. So did Billy the Kitten.
    Yay this cat made me so happy.
  11. I still need a cowboy hat for my real kitty.
    So she will look more like Sam Elliot.