Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!!!!
  1. You guys have been very tolerant of me playing this game
    It really is just a quick diversion in my day, a little slice of cuteness that makes me smile.
  2. But then I make lists about it like a damn fool —anyway thanks for always loving my silly Neko Atsume lists- hey if you haven't seen these have a look see...
    Shout out to new followers - ps new followers feel free to unfollow here.
  3. I have always loved this one because it really marries my two nothing passions- Neko and Seinfeld - and I'm sorry but it still makes me laugh to read it. Seinfeld Neko Atsume
    I have some ideas for updating this but... idk
  4. This one comparing cats and fashion week attendees is also very on brand for me Style Inspo from The Kit and The Kitties!
  5. Also since this list I figured out how to take a lot of black and white pics, I really thought it was a glitch but I see now it was just black and white kitties with a black and white background. Duh!
  6. But the REAL NEWS is Billy the Kitten finally left his memento for me
    I've been waiting weeks for this one thing.
  7. So now that the nihilistic cowboy finally delivered the one thing I was waiting for I can finally feel free to buy a new phone!! Yay!!
    I was scared to lose all my Neko stuff if I got a new phone. Plus I like to deny myself things sometimes -you know because all life is meaningless
  8. Anywhooo how appropriate that the last kitty to leave his memento was A NIHILISTIC COWBOY
    Also very my brand! Tssss! (that's my sizzling ass flesh when Sam brands me, did you get that?)
  9. So probably my last Neko Atsume list - thanks all my Neko friends. Keep trying to get all those sword bearing cats at one time for me...
  10. Static
    So close!!!!
  11. Snow!!
    Bought new snow globe and plum cocoon, will wait for White Shadow.
  12. CHECK IT OUT!!!!
    Did you guys hear that the kitties wash their face now? I caught this cutie in the act!!!!
  13. White Shadow!!!!
    Scouting mission.
  14. I'll leave this alone until the next Neko Atsume Update