A style guide (was in drafts awhile seems appropriate today!!)
  1. Mara Liasson
    I dropped this out of the blue one day after a media diet that consisted of only npr. Useful when you slam your finger in a door or spill cold beverage in your lap. You don't have to sponsor npr but you should if you use this one.
  2. Shostakovich
    Sometimes under your breath when annoyed. Full scream when you stub your toe. Never around children they don't get the sharp contrasts, elements of the grotesque, and ambivalent tonality of Shostakovich.
  3. Will Shortz
    In the style of Jerry saying Newman. Can only use this when you finally think of the word and he was just so good but you kind of hate him for it. No you really love him you hate the jerk who constructed the puzzle.
  4. Chris Kubica @ChrisK
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    When you are waiting for a secret Santa gift. CHRISTOPHER KUBICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ladyprofessor uses it too.
  5. Veshecco you just made the list
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