Right here, that's me!
  1. Today I woke up, checked my kitties on Neko Atsume and said to myself
    How long must I wait for this Frosty Cat to come to my yard? Here kitty, kitty kitty kittyykitkitkitttykittyyykiytttt.
  2. Then I decided today! TODAY! This would be the day I get my Frosty
  3. So I laid out some bait
  4. I read up on all of Frosty's favorite Neko goodies. I laid the perfect trap.
  5. I put out the igloo tent
  6. The basket case
  7. The pillows she prefers
    And sashimi. Yum!
  8. Then I waited.
    That's what a master baiter does. What did I do while I waited? Not much, took a shower is all. Read a little Glamour magazine. Yada yada.
  9. The first check in? Nothing.
    Except Tubbs of course.
  10. Then because Frosty must have known that if I didn't see her red eyes today I was going to delete Neko Atsume in disgust.
  11. And she came.
    See what did I tell you? Neko Atsume Master Baiter. That's me.
  12. So I have all the cats, yay!
    Did I win The Contest?