Neko Atsume Update Dreams

Kitty Collectors Unite. Do you have kitty ideas or remodel ideas, toys and accessories? Let's chat about les chats. That's a little joke for @solena
  1. I want a new remodel even though my Western isn't unlocked yet.
    Not really into the western. Wait is there a Sam Elliot cat because that would be cool? Maybe a new toy for western a rocking horse? Anyway...
  2. Remodel idea- Pee Wee's Playhouse
    new toys Chairy and Globey There's already a word of the day. You celebrate every time you hear the Neko Atsume password IRL right? I know I do. New Cat Pee-Wee peronaliy- silly memento - bottle of Tequila
  3. Remodel Idea -Office
    New toys- laptop and printer. My cat loved when I had a printer and what laptop owner can keep their cat off of the keyboard. Other toys could be fake plants and mini blinds, mice of course and a recycling bin. New cat could wear glasses and bow tie. Personality would be detail oriented, brings you empty ink toner package as memento
  4. New Remodel- Music Room
    Cats playing musical instruments would be better than the current music tbh. Could be an interactive game within the game. New toy- piano. My cat Penny used to "play" the piano every night when my family sat down to dinner. New Cat could be maestro to fit with my Neko Atsume Seinfeld list.
  5. New Remodel-Space Capsule
    How cute would those cats look in zero gravity. New cat-Space Cat. Personality-brave. Memento-moon rock. Tbh those cats look tortured maybe this isn't the best idea.
  6. New Cat- Super Cat
    Cape, leotard and mask. Would fit in the modern remodel well. Personality - super. Or maybe a Mad Scientist Lab remodel. Now I'm just getting crazy. Hairless cat maybe for the lair. Personality -evil.
  7. New Toy-Laser Pointer
    Another interactive thing to do with cats in app.
  8. New feature- Purring
    Somehow simulate this for me please.
  9. Okay your turn Kitty collectors ➕
  10. New toy: cat grass
    Cats can chew on it and rub their faces in it
    Suggested by   @serenity5x5
  11. New Remodel: Nature theme, including trees, fish pond, etc.
    Cats can roll around in the grass, watch the birds in the trees, swipe at the fish in the pond, hide in hide hollowed logs, and hunt for bugs
    Suggested by   @serenity5x5
  12. Remodel : tree house
    New cat : mewgly new goody: bird toy
    Suggested by   @solena
  13. New cat food: leafy greens
    Spinach, lettuce, kale, you name it my cat gobbles it up!
    Suggested by   @sarahsolene