Hi, my name is Jessica and I write Frank Sars' resume. You may know him as the reaction shot list guy. It has been a wild ride since he joined The List App. Though you think he is funny you may not be able to make your friends believe Sars is funny because your phone says SARS. So before the people at Apple discover his fame here is my advice ...
  1. First, open the settings in your phone.
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    If you can't find this please email AnonymousLists@AOL.com
  2. Second, select General
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    This is pretty standard stuff people, keep up. Also, right under it- Brightness. Turn this down.
  3. Next, get into that keyboard.
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    This is spelled out. But you may have to scroll down.
  4. Since you have followed this far
    Everyone can agree that you are typing with the sound on. This annoys people. Turn it off. This is in sounds, oddly enough, so that's a different list.
  5. Select text replacement.
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    This feature allows you to type a couple letters and get a whole word. What? I know - technology.
  6. See
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    In this text with B.J. I say I know! Technology! but only typed w•h•o•a
  7. So choose some letters that you may not use IRL
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    Do not use IRL because we all just type IRL and everyone knows what it means. If you are completely clueless, you press the little blue arrow up there in the corner to get in the next step. Are you still with me? In real life,okay it means IRL. No that was TRL. Gawd!
  8. Now since you want to refer to Frank Sars and not get SARS I suggest you choose his initials
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    F and S those are his initials.
  9. Here is where you add a phrase and the word you would like to type as a shortcut.
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    This is a completely different suggestion than fs for Sars. But still useful.
  10. Now you are all set to type fs and get Sars and not SARS.
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    So go sing the praises of Frank to every one without fear of people making fun of his name. That displeases him. THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED TO ME BECAUSE MY LAST NAME IS ALSO A DEADLY VIRUS you don't want to displease anyone that tall. JUST PICTURES WHICH ILLUSTRATE HOW ASTRONOMICALLY TALL I AM
  11. Now I can tell my friend B.J. about comedy magic.
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  12. Because he texts me all the time.
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    I told him about Sars, now he is on board.
  13. And he requested this list.
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  14. He is a Sars fan now.
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    Also, I don't know if you know this but if you type Sars regularly enough your phone learns it and no longer uses autocorrect and doesn't think you have a disease or are referring to a disease. So the whole list is moot if you actually type Sars enough. But that is a little scary. And if you just enter the word Sars into the text replacement you don't need to actually enter a shortcut. The shortcut is optional but more fun.
  15. Thanks to Frank for being a good sport.
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    I asked if I could do this and he was intrigued. He had no idea how crazy I would get. Also, I tricked him with the phrase You Make The Call. He doesn't watch Football. He watches soccer. No wait, he watches football and we watch running around with oddly shaped ball. Okay, I admit it is a really old reference but I think some people will remember You Make The Call. By the way the answer is not legal! http://youtu.be/5PRxQ0lwibg
  16. Good luck Frank with your HBO job?
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    My resume fee is 1 billion dollars.
  17. Thanks @bjnovak I promise to keep your aol account secret.
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  18. Truly Frank, my Dutch brother, thanks for the trust?
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    I hope I didn't offend you by stealing your identity. I mean likeness. Gratuitous Toby picture.