Thanks for the request @andersun and I did procrastinate. Some of the places I have been too, others not yet.
  1. NYC
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    This place loomed so large in my fantasies. I looked out over the bay in my aunt's Oakland hills home one time and said "it's so pretty like New York City". The adults all laughed because of course I was crazy, having only had seen NYC on tv most notably The Jeffersons.
  2. I finally went to New York City in 2011
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    And a few more times since. Love the High Line and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Went to the Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. Want to do the Great Saunter someday.
  3. Technically, I drove through NYC on my way to live in Long Island in 1996.
    Long Island can suck it!!
  4. Iowa
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    Because they built it.
  5. Chicago
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    Ferris Bueller Day. I met a guy in a bar and spent the whole day with him. Cubs' game, but no art or Sears Tower. Must go back. I took a picture of these girls because they wore too much eye makeup.
  6. Paris, France
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    What girl who lives in California and takes French doesn't want to go to Paris?
  7. I went on a school sponsored trip in 1992 and on my own in 2001
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  8. Paris in Sept 2001 was very strange but everyone wanted to talk to me because I am American
    In 2001, I met a woman in the hostel I stayed at and we became fast friends. Later we moved to Colorado together.
  9. England because of grandma
    My mom was so nice to send us to visit my grandmother's family in 1990. It was my first time on a plane. My grandmother was born in Leeds and we went to her school Harrogate. This was amazing I always wanted to go to a cold dark boarding school. We stayed in Yorkshire with her brother's kids. Who were all like royalty to me.
  10. London, I went again. On that class trip in 1992
    Yes, it was a country a day.
  11. Luxembourg 1992
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    I want to say we went to some cemetery, we were all fantastically hung over on that trip.
  12. Brussels, Belgium
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    My grandparents married here in 1944. Yes, you are correct they got together because of WWII.
  13. I went during that trip in high school
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    Manneken Pis
  14. On my own in 2001
    In love with Art Nouveau. The whole time I was there I kept seeing this kid who played the accordion. He was everywhere. One time I was walking through the train station that was being refurbished the floor was covered with a weird plastic mosaic that upon further inspection contained tiny pictures of people inside the train station. As I realized it was pictures I saw a picture of that kid with the accordion. He may be Brussels' most well know accordion player.
  15. I highly recommend the Horta Museum
  16. Amsterdam
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    Again with the Art. Van Gogh Museum, Rjykmuseum, all the Dutch masters. Windmills tulips canals and bridges and bikes, so many bikes. I loved it.
  17. Germany
    The class trip we met some boys in Köln. They didn't wear cologne.
  18. 2001 my brother lived in Germany
    But I didn't explore Germany very much.
  19. Italy
    This was supposed to be a part of the trip in 2001 but since I was supposed to leave on Sept 11 but didn't I had to cut something out of the itinerary when I went two weeks later. Italy still remains a dream. Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, Rome. Someday.
  20. Spain
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    Also part of the trip that was cut short. The idea was to go to Barcelona for the Sagrada Familia.
  21. Australia
    My grandmother's family were supposedly voyagers who went there. Maybe that's where I got my itchy feet, maybe it was the weird gym shower.
  22. Edinburgh Scotland
    More after this list. WONDERFUL PLACES IN EDINBURGH
  23. Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, China
    Also another fantasy, anywhere and everywhere in Asia.
  24. India
  25. Africa
  26. Peru
    To do: Peru
  27. Argentina and Brazil
  28. Egypt, Morocco, Turkey
  29. Greece, Czech Republic, Austria, and Hungary
  30. Iceland
  31. Anywhere really.
  32. Plus I feel like I should take my niece to Nice, just to be nice to my niece.
  33. This doesn't feel done so I may return for edits.
    Just trying to get all those requests, while the snow piles up.