This just happened. And I miss it already.
  1. I am watching The Puffy Shirt Episode of Seinfeld with my dad
  2. I am also perusing the ListApp thinking should I add to this list? Does this annoy @Lisa_Fav that I stole her list. Low talker doesn't have enough cred. She's not worthy to add to the great Seinfeld list. So I went a different way.
  3. My dad and I have watched this show before which means we can talk about stuff and not really watch the show. My dad and I call this watching tv together, my mom calls this annoying. So dad and I are talking about low talkers at work. Because this is the low talker episode. And those people are everywhere.
  4. He was telling me a story where a low talker was talking to him and a man who wears hearing aids. I said "he may not be a low talker." Teasing my father for being in denial about some of his own hearing loss. And he said no this guy was.
  5. And made this gesture.
  6. My mind was blown.
  7. I laughed and said did you just do this. And he laughed. And we laughed.
  8. Is there a word for being sad about something you'll miss when it hasn't even finished happening yet.
  9. -------------
  10. Let me know. Make one up if need be, this feeling is my defining characteristic.