IMDb is my best Db. Not exhaustive because I am sure there are things I forgot and will have to look up again.
  1. This guy who was the psychiatrist on M*A*S*H was married to...
    Allan Arbus season 3 episode 18 Animal Instincts
  2. Diane Arbus
    I could see that. But I never knew that - or never remembered it. But yes that makes sense they have the same name
  3. This guy from Goodwill Hunting
    The jerky Harvard dude not Matt Damon - also haha this gif wasn't in the movie!!
  4. Is the brother of Dennis from 30 Rock
    Also the Allstate Insurance guy - frankly there are just more gifs for this character but I added the Dick Butt.
  5. Alec Baldwin wrote an episode of Law & Order
    About paparazzi!
  6. This seemed like the perfect list to publish from my drafts because I'm always watching a rerun of Law & Order with the IMDb.
    And now I can add to it. Yay! You're excited, right?