Reaction Shots From This Box of Photos My Mom Gave ME 👥

I channel @franksars for @ChrisK but really just an excuse to post old photos from this box of random photos my mom gave me. Which is really just @jaidub
  1. When you're born
  2. When you're a baby and it's the 70s
  3. When no one will pull your wagon
  4. When your parents dress you as fairy tale characters
  5. When you don't know how to say cheese.
  6. When you are excited but your brother is meh
  7. When your friends have a difficult problem.
    Hmmm that's a puzzler
  8. When someone makes your nephew look like Al Bundy
  9. When your friends daughter is smart enough to low key give the finger
  10. When someone is not recognizing you as the special flower you are
  11. When someone asks whatever happened to that boy in ABOUT A BOY
  12. When it's summertime and everyone is meeting at the pool.
  13. When someone should really intervene about the girl with the cats
  14. When it's autumn
  15. When your posing and everyone else just stands there
  16. When you want to tell someone they need a new hairstyle.
  17. When someone's wearing what you are wearing.
  18. When you're trying to tell some "Don't even say it."
  19. And then they say it
  20. When you couldn't see what you looked like in selfies with film.
  21. When you need to cry so you summon up the image of your dog
  22. When your friends wish to remain anonymous because they foresee the dangers of the Internet in '92
  23. When you're tired but they won't let you sleep
  24. When you need to improvise
  25. When you want three geese walking across your sweatshirt but they don't make that sweatshirt so you'll just have to make it yourself
  26. When you're ready
  27. and then nothing happens
  28. When it's Christmas
  29. When it's the beach
  30. When your brother just can't
  31. When it's time to Partay!!!
  32. When the prairie look will not die
  33. When you just want to push him off the log
  34. When you are in love with your cat
  35. When your sweater is so frickin awesome you cannot contain yourself
  36. When Chuck E Cheese is your idea of a good time
  37. When Laffy Taffy
  38. When your yellow Espirit sweatshirt was it!
  39. When you and your friends are going to start a band
  40. When you find out your parents are swingers
  41. When Prom
  42. When someone wants to race
  43. When your friend is so tall that you take pictures of his nostrils.
  44. And you can't lick his neck
  45. When you feel like ending it all but all you have is a butter knife
  46. When everybody is Kung Fu fighting
  47. And you are fast as lightning
  48. When you can't get it together to take a good picture with your dad
  49. And you always wear the same dress
  50. When it's the end of the roll and we just have to finish this film because we have to take them to Thrifty's for double prints.