Requested by @kate81
I like words and would like to revive dead words. But I have serious reservations about making dude more of a thing and whether or not I am capable of making it happen. Here's why:
  1. All the young dudes?
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    The young folks will have to decide whether or not dude is appropriate to their situation. An old dude cannot bring it back. Harry could probably. The situation is really out of my hands.
  2. Mary Kate and Ashley
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    TGIF Dude! They would totally claim that they made it cool. They would make an ironic t shirt that said dude and charge$134.
  3. The Dude - he's for it
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    El Duderino
  4. The Dude- what's your take?
    @HisDudeness You can't handle his handle. He is a special dude. Don't make it a generic term.
  5. She can do it
  6. But dude do we need to?
    I was in Paris with my friend. We met a boy who was from Britain. He was beautiful and that accent Oh. My. God. He asked me to teach him how to sound more American. I told him to say dude a lot. He did unfortunately and was not quite as cute.
  7. Dude between friends is special.
    This is how you can identify your true friends. You know their many subtexts of dude. Angry. Happy. Chilled. If everyone said dude many layers would be lost. I have had entire conversations with the just the word dude. Definitely not deep or philosophical but points were made. Budweiser made a commercial about this.
  8. I'm from NorCal and have a long history with dude and hella.
    And even *shudder* hecka. I would rather not start saying hella and hecka again but an over indulgence of the word dude well I might even start saying these and "gag me with a spoon". I will always pop up in the comments and say dude to you @kate81 but let's keep it between us. Like a wink and a smile.
  9. Dude?