So you were born after Seinfeld went off the air? Do you not get it sometimes? Here is my course on what Seinfeld is actually referencing, for the streaming generation.
  1. Stella
    Elaine is whacked out on painkillers you think she's just saying the woman's name but no...
  2. She is channeling Marlon Brando in
    A Streetcar Named Desire. It's a little thing by Tennessee Williams. No big deal. It was a play and the 1951 movie won some Oscars, made by some Kazan guy. So quit thinking you're referencing Seinfeld when you say Stella. Ok that wasn't so hard let's keep going.
  3. The Dingo Ate Your Baby
    More Elaine just being Elaine but here she is mocking Meryl Streep in ...
  4. A Cry in the Dark
    A 1988 movie based on an account of a woman who claimed her baby had been eaten by a dingo. The line "the dingo ate my baby" was never said in this movie it just became a thing people said then. Nobody knows why, we were weird.
  5. Believe It or Not George Isn't at Home
    Believe it or not this song actually was the theme song for an 80s tv show named
  6. Greatest American Hero
    Starring William Katt as an Everyman who has to deal with having new strange super powers. 🎤Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free. Flying away on a wing and a prayer. Who could it be? Believe or not it's just me. 🎤 Now streaming on Hulu.
  7. No Soup for You
    Apparently this guy was real. But that's not where it ends he was also briefly mentioned in Sleepless in Seattle before he was a Seinfeld plot—
  8. Static
    "the meanest guy in the world, but he makes the best soup you've ever eaten." The same scene where she says you're more likely to be killed by a terrorist than get married over forty. Ugh, it feels true.
  9. Did anyone ever tell you you look like Al Pacino?
    Elaine says this to the Soup Nazi and says whooha! This was Pacino's catchphrase in Scent of a Woman.
  10. Your Textbook for the Course? —TV Guide
    It was a magazine about tv. With listings of what was on tv. People didn't know what to watch without the TV guide. If you didn't get the TV Guide you could look in the newspaper.
  11. Newspapers were also good for movie times prior to Moviefone
    Moviefone was pre-Internet, which was pre smartphone app.
  12. Tank McNamara was in papers
    Jerry mentions this cartoon once. I think Tank was a sportscaster. It was sometimes in the sports or business section
  13. Ziggy was another cartoon.
    Ziggy usually occupied a special spot also. In my paper it was near the crosswords. Crosswords were what we did before Words with Friends.
  14. J. Peterman kept Ziggy comics in his archives
    (In the episode where Elaine steals a Ziggy joke to use in The New Yorker cartoon she pens.)
  15. ...for that matter J. Peterman was a real catalog and I still secretly pine for some of the items.
    All the illustrations. I still have a few of these catalogs. Prized possessions.
  16. Special Coursework this Semester -Courtney Cox-she didn't start out on Seinfeld. I just want to clear this up because I saw it listed as such the other day.
    She was Lauren, Alex's girlfriend on Family Ties
  17. And danced with Bruce Springsteen in his video
    The definitive eighties dance. She was big even before she fake married Jerry. Well not Friends big. But on tv before. I believe she was the first woman to say Tampon in a tampon ad.
  18. Speaking of tampons, I mean Actors
    James Spader was in an episode of Seinfeld
  19. But look closely and you'll see the tape of his movie True Colors in Jerry's bookshelf in many episodes.
    I should watch this movie with a carton of Rum Raisin. I've never seen it.
  20. IMDb is very useful when watching Seinfeld, head to the connections section of your favorite episode and see what movie they spoof or mention.
    Extra Credit if you watch all the movies visible in the video stores or movie posters. But there are some other news items of the 80s and 90s you may miss like...
  21. when Salman Rushdie's book The Satanic Verses was condemned by the Ayatollah and Rushdie had to hide out.
    Probably not in a sauna though.
  22. When Kramer had a seizure while they watched Entertainment Tonight
    This actually happened to someone. Mary Hart's voice gave people seizures but that is all right there in the episode. But when Kramer burns himself on coffee he put down his pants that is in reference to the McDonald's lawsuit where a woman burned herself. Debate raged about how hot coffee should be and whether or not you should be warned about the temperature of coffee. Seinfeld was known for discussing and spoofing current events especially lawsuits.
  23. Speaking of lawsuits
  24. Seinfeld was obsessed with the O.J. Simpson trial.
    But I'll leave that for Seinfeld 301, Special Topics The Simpson Trial and Metafiction of Seinfeld, where we also go over
  25. Tonya Harding v Nancy Kerrigan
    The Gillooly joke really goes over your head if you don't know these details while watching episode 6.24 The Understudy.