What? Glad that list wasn't too long. But 😢
  1. 😄Create a list
  2. Fine tune list.
    Add pics & edit. Proof edit proof edit. Tweak. Save draft. Save draft. Edit one more bit @list save. Did not ask if want to save or delete just went back to list of drafts where this list wasn't in any more.
  3. 😐Denial
  4. 😖
  5. 😕
  6. Write new list in memory of lost list
  7. 😒frustration at thought of recreating lost list.
    Maybe it wasn't meant to be.
  8. 😞more existential angst
  9. Decide to go get coffee
    Necessary step in recovery
  10. Secretly pray list pops up. 👻🙏
  11. Stay strong. 💪
  12. Embarrassed when you discovered you published list instead of saving. See step 9 and ten.
    Apologies @list