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To sum up if you can't have a big yard go for public transportation. I took off the ranked @BWN_7 because there is number one a lot of mehs and the current place so ...go ahead a run that background check.
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    # 1 ALWAYS --Marilona Drive
    Sacramento. My house was across from my school which meant there was always a playground and I could wait until the bell rang to run to school. The house had a huge back yard which meant wiffle ball games, volleyball games, and spirited games of croquet. Spirited meaning someone cries. The school was an island of the neighborhood that my friends and I circled on our bikes for hours.
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    My street had tons of trees when I was growing up but Dutch elm disease hit hard now it looks like a desert.
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    My parents had a pretty cool garden
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    My brother and I would try to catch leaves as they fell out of trees.
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    So many friends in close proximity. Walk down the street to my piano teacher's house. Up the street to the mall.
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    Other places won't really compare to the street I grew up on but here they are in no particular order.
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    Loma Vista, Sacramento
    I lived here in college with friends. It was a freaking steal. My roommates were a couple that sometimes drove me insane but that's life. Also good because it was on bus line. But mostly I lived on my bike on the American River Bike trail between my job and CSUS, my school.
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    23rd Street Sacramento
    In midtown Sacramento aka The Grid I lived in this apartment that was pretty awesome with the guy that I lived with at Loma Vista after he broke up with his girlfriend and I broke up with my boyfriend. The apartment was an old craftsman building that had windows in the closet which I loved. Midtown was obviously perfect for my bus riding tendencies.
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    23rd street again but the other side of town
    This time I lived in a tiny house behind a larger house. My own cozy loft, huge deck, I miss that place. When my car broke down for an extended time I found this neighborhood to be very walkable. Lite Rail two streets away.
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    42nd Street Sacramento
    House with roommate I was very lucky to be set up with. This place was really just a closet for a us two single ladies. Site of the Sangria Party.
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    I street Sacramento
    My first place alone -a studio apartment for about 6 months. Midtown is a walkers dream.
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    Morse Ave, Sacramento
    After my parents moved away I lived with my grandparents for a semester of college. Morse is a pretty busy street whose only redeeming quality was that it was on the bus route to my school when I didn't have a car. I'm going to sound like an old person now but there used to be pretty small houses in this neighborhood with giant beautiful yards I would walk around and just pretend I lived in one of these tiny houses and have a giant garden. Now it's all divided with McMasions on tiny lots. Ugh!
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    Hurley Ave, Sacramento
    Second time living with Grandma after Grandpa died. Right around corner from Morse house so basically same neighborhood amenities except none of Grandpa's awesome pancakes.
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    N street Sacramento
    Deep in the heart of Sacramento downtown the area was dead after dark when all the state and federal employees left work.
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    Portland Place Boulder, CO
    Crappy studio close to work. Boulder meant that I didn't spend too much time inside though.
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    Hawthorne Boulder, CO
    Lived with a nice couple in nice house for about three months.
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    Holmes Run Alexandria
    Currently. Excellent bus service. Close to 395. Walk score is pretty decent.
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    Should not even be mentioned but ......
    I can laugh about it now.
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    Washington St, Centerreach NY
    Long Island can suck it!!! Interesting story when I lived in NY while boyfriend went to grad school we looked for houses to buy. One house was near the beach on the North shore and had two bedrooms that were only accessible by going outside and around the corner. Which meant that if you happened to need the bathroom at night you had to go outside and then back in the house. WTF LONG ISLAND?? What the literal fuck?