Stuffed Animals of My Childhood, Ranked

I was a girl that had a menagerie of stuffed animals lined up on her bed. But these few stand out in my mind.
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    The bear that was tucked under my arm one Christmas morning with a big bow. That may have been the last Christmas I believed in Santa and I slept with the koala bear for a long time after that.
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    My grandmother worked at a restaurant and brought me a bear that was orphaned there. It was wrapped in a crocheted orange and white blanket and I loved it like it was my own. I always felt sorry for it because it was abandoned by its rightful owner. It was my little orphan bear that I had to take care of. Probably because of this...
  3. 1.
    This was hanging in my room for my entire childhood. A tattered teddy bear with a poem by Emily Dickinson.